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David Koonce

Fairway Independent Mortgage


In the Summer, a client was referred to me by a Realtor partner of mine, to do a non-arms length transaction for a friend of her’s. A mom was selling her home in Maryland to her daughter. The Realtor did not want to be involved in the transaction for her friend, so I wanted to make sure the hand off was as easy and painless as possible for her. I partnered with Lawyers Advantage who assisted by drawing up the sales contract and preparing the closing documentation.

As the process unfolded, it became apparent that going the extra mile - or 300, was the only way this deal was going to happen as the clients needed. The family, mother and daughter included, own a campground in upstate New York and were busy all summer traveling back and forth to it to host events for the campers. Gathering needed documents and signatures from both parties to complete the transaction was very difficult, so I created a process and work flow to accommodate there travel schedule. I understand what it’s like to camp in remote places and not have a fax machine or the internet at your fingertips since I’m from South Dakota! In this case, these could only be found at the “local” pharmacy 30 miles away.

The saving grace of the deal was the process itself that was created and the clear communication to both parties as to exactly what was needed and when so as to minimize their trips to the pharmacy. As a result, the documents were gathered in a timely fashion, and, in fact, we were ready to close two weeks early. The next challenge was orchestrating the signing of the seller’s closing documents at the campsite when the nearest notary was 2.5 hours away. The buyer was to sign the next day in Maryland. All went without a hitch. The final result was a happy pair of campers, especially the daughter since she was able to buy the home with less than $500 out of pocket. The moral of the story is that it pays to take the time to think through the process and structure of the transaction so that all our clients can become happy campers. Needless to say, my Realtor partner was thrilled as well.


David Koonce


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